Applenberry, the team behind infamous Gevey SIM unlock, has just released an updated version of Furiousmod 2.0.0 for Gevey Ultra that will unlock your iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0 with preserve Baseband 4.10.

Hold on! If you aren’t on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1, it is highly recommended not to upgrade your already installed Furiousmod. Currently, there are some compatibility issues in iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 and the developers over Applenberry are hard at work in ironing out those bugs.

Last week, a random modder mcbaron15 released a modified version of the FuriousMod SIM unlock which worked well with GEVEY SIM on iOS 5.0.1 to unlock iPhone 4. Unfortunately, for most of them, the un-official version of FuriousMod wasn’t working at all.

Now that Gevey team has released it officially, you can follow the instructions below:

How to unlock iOS 5.0.1 with GEVEY Ultra and FuriousMod 2.0

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 using redsn0w 0.9.10 or Corona 5.0.1 Untether tweak. Since, 5.0.1 can be jailbroken untethered, we would advise users to update their iOS to 5.0.1 (make sure you preserve your baseband to 04.10)

Step 2:  Once your iPhone is jailbroken, click on the Cydia icon at homescreen to open it.

Step 3: If you received the following screen, select “User” (not hacker or developer).

Step 4: Select Manage on bottom right of Cydia’s home screen.

Step 5: Select Sources on center of Manage screen.

Step 6: Click on edit on the top right of the Sources screen.

Step 7: Select Add on upper left corner of Sources screen. Then “Enter Cydia/APT UL” screen will pops up. Enter, and select Add Source.

Step 8: Click on “Return to Cydia”.

Step 9:  Once added, select from the list of sources.

Step 10:  Tap Install on upper right corner to install the unlock hack.

Step 11:  Tap “Confirm”.

Step 12:  Tap on large rectangular button “Restart SpringBoard”.

Step 13:  Hold the power button for about 3 seconds and then slide the bar to the right. This will turn off your iPhone.

Step 14:  Insert your GEVEY Ultra along with your SIM card and turn on the iPhone and wait. Please be patient. Your iPhone will be unlocked within 5 min.

Repeat steps 13 and 14 if your carrier does not show up on the upper left corner. If you remove the GEVEY Ultra from your iPhone 4 intentionally or accidently, you have to reboot your phone in order to reactivate unlock.

NOTE: I again re-iterate – Furiousmod 2.0.0 currently works on iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1 with ‘PRESERVE’ baseband 4.10 ‘ONLY’. Currently, unlocking baseband 04.11.08 is not possible, but yes, the support of 04.11.08 will be added in few weeks from now! Stay tuned and follow @JAlLBREAKS on twitter for updates.

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  • Jadedolino

    i have 4.3.3 with 4.10 works for but sometimes when i call sometimes they cant hear me but i can hear them..any help ?

  • Woooytas

    Gogogo 4.11.08!!!:D

  • Tripboy20

    Does it really work with 3.10.01 i am trying now with gevey sim and furious and nothing :( !!!

  • Dominique Benaissa

    Hi, my iphone 4 in the past ios 5.0 and 5.0.1 and later the first unthereted jailbreak with redsn0w! And i guess the best is without Fouri… 1 Step more to do, but noch fucking problem i can not imagine that version 2 will fix ervery bug! Many hours and my Gevey unlock i will remember it my hole life ;)

  • Sharky

    I’ve been trying to get FuriousMod 2.0.0 for several days now. I keep trying to add the repo but I always receive a request timeout error. Does anyone know of a direct download link or an active repo hosting the 2.0.0 deb?

  • Pedromenna

    Hey man, I have an iphone 4 with BB 3.10 and just updated to 5.0.1 with BB preserve, but my GEVEY ULTRa aint working anymore, idk why. Is it only on 4.10? And when i installed furiousmod, it didnt show up Restart Springboard, but a Return to cydia buttong… What should I do?

  • Sothy

    how about baseband 03.10.01? can upgrade to ios 5.0.1 and use with gevey ultra or not?

    • Sothy

      Confirm, IOS 5.0.1 Baseband 03.10.01 work fine with Gevey Ultra + Furiousmod 2.0.0.

      • Sothy

        Hi friends, after using for a while, I change the sim card then I am facing problem of no signal… anyone know what is the reason?? Please help.

  • Harneet Sidana

    will restarting the springboard cause us to do da whole process over again 

    • Mike Webb


  • Markiann

    after doing all the process until step 14 with this, do i still need the gevey sim after unlocking and use my own sim network directly?

    • Mike Webb

      If you remove the GEVEY sim from your iPhone, just insert it again and then you have to reboot your phone in order to reactivate unlock. You cannot use your carrier directly..

    • bhluedevil

      works perfectly fine with me just the signal bar is always at 1 bar… ok with texting and call… 

  • Yousufcoo

    Does it have to be gevey ultra or the normal gevey sim should be enough to do the job?

    • Mike Webb

      Officially it asks for Gevey Ultra, but some report suggests that it works with old Gevey SIM too.. 
      If you have an older Gevey SIM, follow the step 4 ( from here: ), after you reboot your iPhone

      • bhluedevil

        would this work with gevey sim supreme the yellow, green and blue gevey pack?

  • Jeff Mansell

    I don’t get it, I’ve been gevey unlocked on 5.0.1, baseband 4.10.01 since it came out without any furiousmod download. What benefit would this give me?

    • jbb

      It avoids all the manual process to unlock! 

      • Jeff Mansell

        Great! I installed Furiousmod, rebooted and it’s FROZEN on the Slide to unlock screen. Goes past the Apple logo, get to the unlock screen and freezes. Rebooted several times. Now I can’t even get back into it to remove the tweek. CRAP!

        • Jeremy Morse

          If you’re still locked up Jeff, try popping the sim out, then if that doesn’t work, try Tiny Umbrella, putting the phone into recovery and then choosing exit recovery, it has worked for me in the past. Redsn0w has tools for getting in and out of DFU as well. I find this often gets me back to a functional phone when it freezes due to JB stuff.

          • Jeff Mansell

            Thanks, used TU to get out of the frozen mode, removed the mod and now it’s back to normal. I have to stop trying things before they are fully tested!!…lol

          • CCK

            It is fully tested I have updated to 5.0.1 preserved my baseband at 4.10.1 and use the Furiousmod tweak for automatic unlock and it works fine with Gevey Ultra…no freezes at all.

          • Sothy

            Mind one also ok but after change to another operator I got no signal on my phone, do you have any comments??

  • Guest

    i hope unlock bb 04.11.08 come soon faster !!! PLZ!!!