That didn’t take long! Just hours after the Apple iPad Mini was launched, it has already been jailbroken. The iOS hacker @musclenerd successfully jailbroken iPad Mini on 6.0.1 iOS using the failbreak exploits discovered by Grant Paul (aka @chpwn) and @phoenixdev. Musclenerd, the most vocal and lead hacker of iPhone Dev team, posted screenshots (photos) on Twitter, showing an iPad Mini on iOS 6.0.1 with access to root access. Sadly, the vulnerability and exploits used by the hacker is still in very early stage and likely not legally distributive.

That iPad Mini was jailbroken already shouldn’t come as a surprise. Dating all the way back to iPad 2, hacker comex successfully jailbroken A5 device within three days after its US launch. iPhone 5 was jailbroken too on its launch day. Apple has always tried to protect its iOS devices, but hackers have jailbroken just about every new iOS device within days of launch.

Root access on Jailbroken iPad Mini

Apparently the A5/A5X/A6/A6X processors on iOS 6.0 have been providing a number of difficulties for the hackers to complete the jailbreak. What I’m wondering now is, if iOS 6.0 (on A5+) that’s giving the developers trouble, will they encounter similar difficulties with the iPad Mini? The device’s A5 dual-core processor on iOS 6.01 would be difficult to achieve. Isn’t? Nevertheless, iOS jailbreak developers have made a promising start and it could take few months for the untethered jailbreak to arrive. There is no ETA being shared about iPad Mini jailbreak developments.

Has anyone out there with an iPad Mini been dying to jailbreak their device? You must follow to get updated as soon as the iPad Mini 6.0 iOS jailbreak is released.

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  • Mat

    When will it be released? Myself and countless others around the globe have been waiting for a jailbreak for ipad mini, can you please at least publish a release date?