Intercarrier Communications (ICC) has filed a patent-infringement case in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia against Apple Inc. (AAPL) claiming that Messages and FaceTime applications found in iOS and OS X infringe its patents.

In addition to Apple, Texas based company ‘ICC’ is targeting other companies with similar patent litigation against MobiWeb, Inerop Technologies, BroadSoft, Iris Wireless and others, reports Patently Apple. Since last week, the company intends to defend vigorously against any infringement of its core intellectual property.

The patent that Apple violates is no 6985748 and was granted in January 2006. The patent is titled “Inter-Carrier messaging service providing phone number only experience” and describes a method to send messages between different carriers using a phone number. According to CNet:

In its suit against Apple, Frisco, Texas-based ICC is looking for an unspecified amount of damages based on any past and ongoing violations of the patent

Patent lawsuits have become more prevalent among tech companies, as they seek to battle for advantage in a rapidly changing competitive world. Now, as the patent war will escalate in coming weeks, it would be interesting to see how the infringement case against Apple progresses.

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  • Mark Angeles

    Nice! Every company suing each other.  Let the drama begin!

  • Andrea De Polo Saibanti

    As usual everyone try to get money out of Apple!