Google today updated its native Search app for iOS with an improved voice search engine. Google Search by voice lets you quickly search the web for whatever you need by speaking your search terms. The app is updated to work with iPhone 5 on iOS 6 allowing users not only use their voice to control Search, but also listen for answers that Google returns.

Google Search for iOS version 2.5 was submitted two months back for App store approval but it was never clear exactly why it took the app so long to emerge after it was submitted. In past, Apple has rejected Siri-like apps, but now both Google and Apple have managed to figure it out.


To use Google Search by voice, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Search app.
  2. Tap the microphone icon voice_icon_image on the homepage, or above the keyboard when you tap on the search box.
  3. Speak your search terms when you see the ‘Speak now’ alert.

To do another search by voice, touch the microphone icon voice_icon_image on the bottom of the page. Try it out by saying things like these:

  • Weather: [ What's the weather like tomorrow morning? ]
  • Locations: [ Where's the nearest gas station? Is there a pharmacy nearby? What's a good place for sushi? ]
  • Flight status: [ When does United Airlines flight 900 depart? ]
  • Time: [ What time is it in London? ]
  • Events: [ When is sunset? When is Passover? When are the Olympics? ]
  • Math: [ What's 15% of 47 dollars and 44 cents? What is the square root of 2209? ]
  • Translation: [ How do you say cucumber in Spanish? ]
  • Sports: [ Did the Giants win? When is the Red Sox game? ]
  • Finance: [ How is the S&P 500 doing today? ]
  • Trivia: [ How tall is the tallest building in the world? ]
  • Conversions: [ How many dollars is 2600 rupees? ]
  • Images [ Show me pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge ]

Download Google Search app for iOS

Google’s new Google Search app for iOS is available now through iTunes for those with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Yes! The new app works on all iPhones and iPads (iOS version 4.2 and up) – including the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

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