CallBar tweak for iPhone has been released and is now available for download via Cydia Store for $3.99 only. Loaded with wealth of advantages this cydia tweak don’t let incoming or FaceTime calls interrupt while you’re browsing, playing games, texting, updating Twitter, or in the middle of using any application.

The video call interface is designed in such a way that whenever some call you, a small bar drops from the top of your iPhone screen detailing who’s calling you and gives you with three choices – You can either answer, or decline, or dismiss the incoming call. In order to answer just swiping right and to decline swiping left on callbar.

As soon as you dismiss the phone call, the top-bar shrinks above the status bar – giving you yet another chance to pick up the call, in case you accidentally dismissed it.

The feature comes very handy. If you decline the call, the person will know that you declined. If you just dismiss, the phone will continue to ring on their end until it hits your voicemail.

CallBar also displays contact photos on the top left corner of the bar if the contact that is calling has a photo added to their profile in the The contact photo only appears if the person who is calling has a contact photo in their profile on your iPhone.

CallBar Cydia Tweak

Once you have dismissed the call by tapping the banner, your iPhone will stop ringing or vibrate. Alternatively, you can even press either the Power button, or the Volume buttons. To re-enable the ring or vibrate, simply tap the banner to bring the banner back up. The features are readily available from the SpringBoard, and on the lockscreen. Before downloading CallBar, watch this interesting video followed by the changelog.

CallBar Version: 1.0-3

- Fixed a crash issue when “Led Flash on Alerts” option was enabled in Accessibility on iOS5
- Added Voicemail button on the Dialer Interface
- Fixed custom ringtones playing texttones if a custom texttone for the contact was selected.
- Added support for custom vibration patterns.
- Improved dialer’s Favorites and Recents UI.
- Added ability to see the numbers dialed when in a call.
- Phone numbers now appear with localized format.
- Added ability to tap the status bar to scroll on top into dialer’s tables
- Passing through status bar touches when CallBar is visible, for several gestures compatibility.
- The package now doesn’t depend on Activator, its optional

Changes made on 1.0:

- Added option to answer telephony calls in-place
- Added methods and UI for handling telephony calls in-place
- Added dial-out option using callbar (Assign an activator action to bring down callbar and dial a new number)
- Removed answer-decline buttons, you now answer by swiping right and decline by swiping left on callbar.
- Added tap to show/hide in-call buttons. Tap callbar while in an active call to trigger.
- Added tap to open related call application. Tap the application icon on the left.
- Removed silence button, you now silence the call using the sleep button. (as for native calls)
- Added dial-out buttons : Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad
- Added the following call management buttons: Mute , Speaker , Add Call, Keypad , Bluetooth , Hold Call, Swap Calls, Merge Calls.
- Callbar is now aware of a second incoming call and allows call-swapping/merging.
- The keypad can be used for both sending DTMF tones while in a call or dialing out a number when idle.
- Removed methods for ringing applications (Anyring, ToneFXs etc) . We now provide an API for developers for this.
- Added application for managing settings.

CallBar Compatibility:

  • Calls: Compatible with both phone and FaceTime video calls.
  • Orientation: Compatible on both portrait and landscape orientation (also from lockscreen).
  • Compatible Devices: All iDevices (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad 1 / iPad 2); excludes AppleTV.
  • Compatible Firmwares: All firmwares iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x

Download CallBar Cydia App:

org.thebigboss.callbar_1.0-3_iphoneos-arm.deb (1.56 MB)

Once you have installed CallBar cydia App on yourdevice, no icon would be added to the home screen. All the settings can be located within the You can even create a WinterBoard package for CallBar v1.0-3 (guide posted here). CallBar supports all iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.x or iOS 5.

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