New York Times is reporting that Google is ‘actually’ developing iOS application for its Maps services and seeks to finish it by the end of the year. So, those who are anticipating a Google Maps app on iOS 6 driven devices will get one finally, but likely not for another couple months or so, may be early next year. The report is in contrast to the statement made by Google executive Eric Schmidt on Tuesday in Tokyo saying, “We have not done anything yet” to offer iOS device owners an alternative to the buggy iOS 6 Maps app.

Google is developing a maps application for iPhone and iPad that it is seeking to finish by the end of the year, according to people involved with the effort who declined to be named because of the nature of their work. There has been widespread speculation about whether and when Google would release a maps application for Apple devices since Apple released a new version of its iOS operating system with an Apple-made maps service.

The report notes that Apple’s decision to ship its own mapping solution with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6was made over a year before the company’s agreement to use Google Maps expired, and Google did not know that Apple had changed its mind until Apple announced publicly in WWDC that it would replace the Google Maps with its iOS maps app. Another reason that could delay Google Maps iPhone is that the company would likely prefer to integrate its Google Earth 3-D imagery feature into its Google Maps to compete against its new rival – iOS Maps.

Melting Las Vegas iOS Map

Melting Las Vegas iOS Map (Click for Full Resolution)

Apple mapping solution was widely criticized for no street views, missing public-transportation routing, mislabeled landmarks, poor 3D driving interface, address inaccuracies and poor traffic reporting. The disgruntled users and reviewer complained that Apple’s iOS map service contains critical geographical errors leading to a large amount of misleading, mistaken and missing information.

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