Walmart is currently testing a new “Scan & Go” pay system that allows shoppers to scan products with their iPhone as they shop within the store and then proceed towards self-checkout counter to complete their purchase. The new “Scan & Go” service will change the way people shop and pay and make the shopping experience potentially faster reports Reuters.

In Walmart’s Scan & Go pay system, iPhone works as a self-scanning system where shoppers go around the store, scan each item first before putting them straight into bags in their trolley. After all the required products are scanned, shopper can go to the self-checkout kiosk and the app on the iPhone will then transfer the purchased item list to the checkout machine. Customers can then make the payment to complete the transaction. As of now, it is not possible to pay via iPhone but the feature may be added in future if Apple ever introduces iPhone with integrated NFC chip or an equivalent payment system to the iPhone.


If the “Scan & Go” test by the world’s largest retailer is successful, it has the potential to change the way people shop and pay, making the process more personal and potentially faster. Earlier this week, Walmart invited employees with Apple Inc iPhones to participate in a test at a Walmart supercenter inRogers,Arkansas, near the company’s headquarters, according to a form on the Survey Monkey website.

The test comes months after Walmart said that it would add more self-checkout lanes at its Walmart and Sam’s Club stores as it continues to look for ways to lower costs and prices for its shoppers.

Once launched, “Scan & Go” payment service could save Walmart millions of dollars. The company actually spends about $12 million in cashier wages every second at its WalmartU.S. stores. It will also result in significant time savings for both customer and cashier during busy shopping periods.

Walmart’s test sessions were held earlier this week, with participants being compensated with a $100 payment and a $25 Walmart gift card for the one-hour sessions. The company even asked employees to reach out to friends and family in its search for participants, according to a copy of an email sent by the company’s @WalmartLabs team.


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  • Cfeagle

    ok but how do you know you scanned all your items and Not stealing them?


    • Mike Webb

      You’ll be caught at exit if you try to carry un-scanned items..The red-indicators will start making sound at the exit..Simple!