On the heels of today’s A6 chip component leak, a bunch of high-quality photos and a video of an assembled iPhone 5 front panel have just been posted online. The leaked video compares the next generation iPhone panel to the iPhone 4S and comes from Repair Nowhereelse.fr, who says they got it from Chinese parts distributor sinocet.

The leaked repair part only shows a clear picture offering hardware details on how Apple has been able to minimize the overall increase in iPhone height by reducing the top and bottom margins to compensate for the impact of the taller screen. And while the part itself isn’t really much of a story, it could indicate a new iPhone just around the corner.

Whether this means the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6, when components start leaking to the web, the device that uses them usually isn’t too far off. If previous reports are any indication, it’ll happen during Apple’s big September event.

Once again, the photos and videos align well with past rumors about Apple’s new iPhone. Reports from well known Apple critics and leaked parts over the past several months have already claimed that the iPhone 5 will be taller and thinner than its predecessor iPhone 4S with a 4-inch display (640 x 1136 resolution), a 8-pin smaller dock connector. The sixth-gen iPhone is rumored to carry centered facetime, redesigned nano-SIM card slot, NFC, LTE connectivity, larger battery, and an improved processor too.

No matter the specifics, it’ll be faster and prettier and I already want one. So what do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts about the leaked part, and about the next-gen iPhone in the comments section below. As usual we will update you on the upcoming iPhone as we find out more.

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