Couple of iPhone 4S owners are experiencing serious issues with their recently purchased iPhone 4S where the ‘SIM Failure’ or ‘No SIM card installed‘ is being displayed, when the SIM card is installed in the slot.

According to some of the users, the problem can be re-produced by using Siri assistant for a long time, where the iPhone 4S becomes hot and eventually fails to recognize your SIM card and throws SIM Card failure, and bad SIM messages on your homescreen. Is it? we don’t think so. Perhaps, it is not even a bug in iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 which is causing trouble in recognizing the SIM card.

iPhone 4S SIM Failure

It is actually the design flaw within hardware. The card tray eject mechanism is causing a short circuit with the SIM card contacts resulting in the SIM failure. Just follow the steps in order to fix it.

Fixing iPhone 4S “No SIM Installed” Problem

Step 1: Eject the SIM card tray, In order to eject it just insert a needle or a paper-clip into the tiny hole on the right.

iPhone Card Tray

Step 2: Place a small piece of tape to the side of the SIM tray as shown on the picture below which will prevent the top part from making a conductive contact with the SIM card.

iPhone Tray

Alternatively, you can place the tape on top of the SIM card as shown in the image below. This will prevent the short circuit as well.

Second Method:  If the above method doesn’t work, try switching out the SIM tray of your old iPhone 4′s with the new iPhone 4S tray. The latest model has slightly thinner tray which could be causing the issue. The second method is working for most of the iPhone 4S users.

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  • kavita bharti

    i am trying to eject the sim tray no success

  • Cho Jinhyun

    It really works! Jeep trying until it does work. I tried it for 15 minutes

  • Ivory121888

    Your fix worked for me…Thanks!

  • LeXXuS

    same problem:
    use 5.0 -100%good
    update 5.01 9a405 – find “sim error” and loose sms sending and can’t call
    next update 5.01 9a406 – didn’t repair trouble 
    change sim from “hand made cut” to official – no effect
    last update 5.1beta3 – all this sh%t go away, all work like in 5.0- good :) ))
    and my battery lives more than 24 hours … even when i use phone  hard))

     p.s. so I’d be better use unjailbrakable phone than full access ipod touch )))

  • Deepaklost

    didnt work :(

  • Srinivasbala88

    frd up with this problem

  • Sonicka

    Doesn´t work :-/ it´s horrible it´s been a week i can´t call or send messages from my iPhone 4S.

    • Mike Webb

      Did you tried second method…it’s working for almost all of them..

    • Lanimal1961

      Been a week and you have done nothing about it like taking the phone back. Seems like you are not all that interested in getting the issue resolved