Compared to Android smartphones, the iPhone’s battery life is surprisingly good. But now the battery life is gradually getting shorter. A number of factors have attributed to reduce iPhone battery’s endurance over the past several years – Thinner designs, larger and brighter screens, power-hungry faster dual-core processors, software running in the background, and always-on features like GPS radios, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Specifically, after Apple’s iOS 5.0 update, several users began reporting that their iPhone 4S devices had taken a significant battery life hit and is draining faster than it should. Though Apple claims that the 4S will deliver 8 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of Web browsing, 10 hours of video playback, and 40 hours of music playback, but with minimal use and with power-draining features disabled, many users have complained that their handsets last just a few hours. So what should be done to stem the flow of juice from your iOS device?

In order to make your life easy, iOS jailbreak developer @xvolks has developed a new tweak that promises to extend your iPhone battery life by almost 100%. The developer claims that BattSaver is the only Cydia tweak that doubles battery life. The tweak works smartly to automatically disable the data/3G activity and switch off battery-draining components when the phone is not in use.

battsaver Tweak

With BattSaver Cydia tweak, you can check battery state in real-time which includes charge cycle count, current capacity, maximum capacity, design capacity, time remaining etc. Other settings option allows you to view the battery state in graphs. In case your battery falls below 15 percent of its maximum capacity, BattSaver allows you to manage the critical battery level by turning it into ultimate mode.

In order to install it on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or The New iPad (iPad 3), you MUST jailbreak your device first and then head over to the Cydia store and search for BattSaver under BigBoss repo. The BattSaver jailbreak tweak can be downloaded for $2.99 (required minimum iOS 5).

BattSaver Settings Option

This is how you can double the Battery life for iPhone 4S/4 and iPad. If you have decided to go for it, don’t forget to share the results with us. It will help the entire jailbreak community to get rid of iOS 5.0 battery drainage issues.

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  • Emjay6

    I tried to download this on my iPad 2… It said its only for iPhone?

  • Android Developer

    I would like to install it on my iPhone 4….now i can double the battery life of my iPhone 4 with BattSaver….it’s great feature….

    • Matheus

      I have a strong feeling that android it’s gonna steal this idea