Lost all your photos in iPhone’s camera roll after installing latest iOS update? Thousands of users are complaining to have lost pictures from iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’ camera roll after installing iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1 and syncing with latest iTunes software. Don’t panic! Follow the instruction below to restore deleted photos in iPhone.

Actually, the photos are not lost; they are simply not showing up in your camera roll due to some strange reason or a small bug that Apple will likely address in immediate software updated, probably in iOS 5.0.2.

Check if photos actually exists in iDevice

The instructions listed below will only work if your photos ‘actually’ exist on your iPhone but do not show up in the camera roll. To verify that pictures exist, check the graph at the bottom of iTunes. If it shows some occupied storage space, you can have a sigh of relief. Yes, you’re right! The photos can now be recovered.

iTunes Graph

Step 1: Download and install iExplorer, a free Windows and Mac utility that lets you access your iPhone, iPad in the same way you’d access a flash drive.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC or Mac via USB cable.

Step 3: Launch iExplorer, the program will detect your device and open a Windows Explorer-like view giving you access to all files and folders.


Step 4: To locate your missing photos, navigate to Media/DCIM/xyzAPPLE directory (where xyz are numbers). Copy them to your desktop (drag and drop will work) as a secondary backup. If pictures are not available under these directories, they cannot to recovered.

Step 5: Delete the following four files. We recommend you to take the backup of these files as well. If your device is jailbroken, do not follow Step 5, follow Step 6 instead.


Note: The file PhotosAux.sqlite may or may not be available on every device. It is generated if you’re using places feature in the camera roll.

Some users may not locate /DCIM/.MISC/Info.plist file. Skip past that file and follow the rest of the directions and it should still restore your photos in the camera roll.

Step 6: If your device is jailbroken, iExplorer will take you in ‘root’ view. Just delete the following four files (backup is always good and recommended).


Step 7: Close iExplorer, unplug your USB cable, and then reboot your iPhone.

After the reboot, navigate to the Photos app and check your Camera Roll. It should re-index all of your photos in it. Let me know, it it worked for you or not.

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  • xiaojie

    how i can get back delete photos and videos from my iphone 4s. my iphone 4s is not
    jailbroken .the photos and videos are very important for me .can you help me,thk

  • Tiago Vicente

    Mobile: iPhone 4s updated to 5.1.1 and jailbreaked with absinthe 2.0.2
    Reason: Lost all photos and videos

    It doesn’t work beacuse i only have

    But I take all to my computer from Media/DCIM/xyzAPPLE and have all of my photos!!


  • Alice

    It did work! Worked great!! Thanks so much :)

  • LuttmerdingG

    Thank You!
    After deleting this files my iphone started recovering all photos :)

  • Rudipols

    cant find DCIM_APPLE.plist

  • Hank

    Didn’t work and deleted all the photos from my phone….. glad i put them on the desktop first

  • Wesleythomas23

    I tried to do this and it wouldnt like me do it it said that the file could not be deleted

  • Cbaird

    Yes, this totally worked thank you so much. I am not good at this technology thing and was able
    To figure it out. Thanks again.

  • Isa

    Awesome!! I got them back! Thank you so much. It was very easy because you explained very well. I am so happy!! Thanks

  • Richard

    Unfortunately this did not work – I had the same problem before installing Jailbreak.
    1st the alblum’s were empty after restarting photostream (Camera Roll and Photostream folders returned).  The 1st photo never appeared but 2nd new photo appeared in the Camera Roll not Photostream

  • Leo

    Didnt work for me but at least I retrieved like 90% of my pictures

  • Anonymous

    nice one lad.

  • http://twitter.com/torresk Ricardo TorresKompen

    Perfect! Thanks A BUNCH!

  • Min

    Yes!! It works. Thanks :D

  • Jenniferca

    didn’t work for me

  • guest1

    u a genius! i would hav kissed u even though im not gay! :P
    thanks a ton!

  • Connie S Graham

    What a lifesaver! Thank you! Worked for me

  • Guest

    Worked for me, thanks a lot for this.

  • Bob Smith

    It worked! You rock!

  • Grateful

    Thank you for the advice. It worked !

  • Redfie

    I recovered my pictures but now, when I open my PHOTO app, it is just black screen.

  • Jay Nault

    Worked like a champ!  My photos thank you.