iPhone 5 Schematic diagram which was leaked by us went viral all over the net. The leaked blueprint meshed well with the backside of Apple’s iPhone 5 and panels hinting a taller iPhone a 4-inch display, thinner form factor and smaller dock connector in production.

TechnoBuffalo has gone a step further and have created a possible mock-up of the iPhone 5 by piecing the photos of the rumored iPhone 5 frames and schematic diagram together. This could be probably on par for what Apple has in store for the real-life iPhone 5.

In his lab, by examining the pictures, Jon Quach flattened, scaled, and printed out the iPhone 5 schematic and placed it alongside his actual iPhone 4S for comparison. He even printed out similar schematics for the iPhone 4S to find the actual design variations iPhone 5 might carry.

As evident from the image above, iPhone 5 scales to 4.8 inches in height when compared against the iPhone 4S height of 4.5 inches – around 0.3 inches bigger in height. The screen diagonal witnesses an increase of around 0.5 inches, incresing it up to around 4 inches from the current diagonal measurement of 3.5 inches.

In addition, the leaked schematic was overlaid on panel leaks and it appears to line up correctly. Taking on the schematic measurements and outputs into consideration, TechnoBuffalo built a mockup of what the iPhone 5 might look like. The mockup was then printed to scale and compared with a real iPhone 4S.

In the iPhone 5 home screen mock-up, the display screen has a 1136 x 640-pixel screen resolution while the iPhone 4S has its standard 960 x 640-pixel resolution.

The above mockups were once again printed to scale and compared with a real iPhone 4S:

For full Gallery, visit TB. Do you think, this is actually the iPhone 5? What is your opinion?

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  • Chase

    I’m glad it’s not some retarded 5″+ screen. If this is what it is I’ll wait and buy it for sure.

    You’d need a damn purse to lug around the new S III and I’m just not into that. Nor am I into some juvenile hacked together POS operating system.

    • Jamerson

      The IPhone revolutionized the industry.. but fizzled and failed after that. the IPhone5 is a letdown. you waited 2 years for a 4 inch screen. what an epic letdown.

  • SpineInMyChill

    Looks way too skinny for the height of it, would look better if it was wider.

  • le voldemort face

    it looks ugly lel

  • http://www.facebook.com/omayrzanata Omayr Brun Cardoso Zanata

    Android for life

    • lol

      no money for iphone? ha!