Unlocked iPhone 4S is selling like hot-cakes in the US Online Apple Store, since Apple launched them last week. To buy Factory unlocked iPhone 4S, users have to pay more price, since they are not subsidized by the carrier. For 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB model (available both black and white color), users have to pay $649, $749 and $849 respectively. The unlocked iPhone includes all the features of iPhone sans 2-year contract obligation.

Unfortunately, these unlocked iPhone 4S units are limited to United States customers only and are on first come first basis. If you are residing outsideUSAand wish to buy this unlocked masterpiece despite the location barriers Apple keeps throwing up, just follow the instructions.

iPhone 4S unlocked

The company US Unlocked takes care of everything about your pre-order. The company has a good reputation – last year hundreds of iPads and iPhones were delivered across different parts of the world by US Unlocked. The company says -

“You can either submit a personal shopping request on our website and we will buy the phone for. Or you make the purchase yourself with your US Unlocked Card.”

I am using US Unlocked Card method to explain how the process works. However, you can order iPhone via personal shopping request which is self-explanatory. Once you route your order via Personal Shopping Request, the company will send you a quote and payment link with instructions to follow.

One of my friend in India ordered iPad 2 just after pre-order opened in US earlier this year, and was able to procure one using this service. I can “assure” you that it “magically works” and is 100% legitimate.

Step 1: Install any free IP Shield software (HotspotShield) on your computer before starting to order unlocked iPhone 4S. The use of an IP shield is crucial

Step 2: Sign-up with us unlocked and after completing the registration process, you will be given a US address. This address will be diffirent from the one you filled up during sign-up process.

Step 3: Set up a US iTunes account with the US Unlocked Card, a “virtual” pre-paid Discover debit card with a US billing address. The card costs just $10 to create. Card will get assigned with-in 24 hours.


Step 4: Load this debit card with desired amount. Load at least $57 (=$62.46 including loading fees), to have the minimum of $51 on the card once transaction and maintenance fees have been deducted.

Note: Load payments are done via Paypal as well. In order to use iTunes for a purchase, you will need to have the balance of the purchasing cost plus the buffer of $51 on your card.

Step 5: Place the order with your US iTunes account but always make sure that you’re connected to VPN hotspot shield (Windows Mac). The use of a VPN connection when accessing the Apple site where you will be purchasing the factory unlocked iPhone 4S, provides you with a US IP address, helping you in a seamless transaction.

The shipping rate for the iPhone 4S will be based on a weight of 2 lbs. For India, you need to shell out $56, for Iceland$75, for Brazil cost of shipping is $63 and uses UPS saver service. Look up the shipping rate to your country here.

Shipping iPhone rate

Frequent business travelers, who often switch between different countries can go ahead to buy the unlocked version of iPhone 4S.

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    Can i use the Billing address in the us unlocked card and at the same time use a different shipping address inside US ? 

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    • http://cydiablog.com Mike Webb

      Yes…wherever applicable..