A new feature rich iPhone tweak ‘Switchy’ is up for grabs on Cydia Store that conveniently expands the task switcher and creates space to accommodate more application icons. With Switchy installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can include two rows of app icons. After pressing the iPhone home button twice, a new multitasking bar will be invoked with more functionality and buttons to the multitasking bar without losing much space on the iPhone display. As evident in the screenshot below, it adds Artist and Album information to the Now Playing area in addition to a volume slider to the same area.

Based on Brent Caswell’s concept, as demonstrated on TheVerge the developer ‘John Coates’ has added a new button “Clear Apps” into a new page dedicated to settings re-inventing the switcher to a new level. Clear Apps button kills all the open apps in one fell swoop. You can even adjust the display’s brightness, as well as functioning as a shortcut to the Settings app. The fact that it appears to integrate itself seamlessly within the iOS makes it a package of particular importance. The options added to Switchy are simple, intuitive, and exactly the kind of function that Apple will wish to add in its future firmwares. And yes, as quoted by developer – “Switchy makes the task switcher how it should’ve been from the start”.

In order to install Switchy cydia tweak (essentially an advanced App switcher), your iOS device must be running jailbroken iOS 5+. The Switchy jailbreak tweak is under available for download under BigBoss repo. This jailbreak tweak can be downloaded for $1 (required minimum iOS 5). After installing the tweak, reboot your iOS device. No icon will be added to the homescreen or settings available, however.

I have been confirmed by many users that Switchy tweak doesn’t interfere with Zephyr, or Imperium. Take a look at the package, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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