iOS developer Martin Pham, who developed Sara app for iPhone (Siri alternative), has developed a new tweak, AppShare. As the name suggests, AppShare is a handy little app allows you to share cydia apps (including cracked applications) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your friend, without requiring a computer.

In order to send/share application, be sure AppShare is already installed on both iOS devices and your device is connected to same network (WiFi). You can then share any apps with your friends without Computer.

How to Share Apps between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Step 1: Install AppShare on your iOS devices (Download link). Since it is a .deb file, you can use iFile or directly SHSH to install the app.

Step 2: Open AppShare on both devices. Make sure Lighttpd is running (Open Safari, navigate to to test, If error, try to toggle Lighttpd on SBSettings (SBSettings > Setting > Window toggle > Lighttpd : ON, then toggle ON Lighttpd icon)).

Step 3: On destination device, you will see ID and Password on “Get Apps” tab

On source device, open “Send Apps” tab, then enter above information (ID and Password of destination device) and click ‘Connect’.

Step 4: When connected, you will see list currently installed apps on your device, tap app you want to send to destination device

You will see the app on the destination device.

It’s pretty awesome to be able to share apps with other people in just a few clicks. You must download AppShare and you’re likely to regret it later, if you don’t. In the next version of AppShare, Bluetooth sharing and Clutch (for crack apps paid from AppStore) will be added, confirmed Martin.

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  • Okhmill

    I can’t seem to download the AppShare.deb even if I clicked on the provided link.

  • Snake 11

    can someone tell me how to install appshare ?
    I downloaded , then whats next to install it