In an ongoing discussion with Stefan Esser, iOS kernel exploit hacker pod2g confirmed that the kernel vulnerability he’ll be using in his upcoming jailbreak actually comes from Nicolas Haunold (aka @westbaer) and that this kernel exploit is one of the 5-6 exploits needed to complete an untethered 5.1 jailbreak.

Pod2g shared the details after i0n1c tweeted that the jailbreak community had only 4 kernel hackers but now they are down to one (actually referring to pod2g). And it gets harder and harder, so the replacement must be more skilled.

It would be interesting to see when and how pod2g will be able to assemble those 5-6 pieces of puzzle that will lead to a successful jailbreak. If pod2g completes the puzzle he will then test its compatibility with popular cydia apps as well like MobileSubstrate. Only after doing rigorous testing, pod2g will package the exploit which might take few weeks before it is ready for public release. We, therefore, request you to stay calm. Pod2g is hard at work and he will announce the jailbreak as soon as he can.

iOS kernel exploits are actually hard to discover and it is a good sign that jailbreak community have another expert hacker ‘Nicolas Haunold’ on which we can rely for future jailbreaks.

Huge shout to @westbaer for his excellent find on iOS 5.1 kernel exploit. Don’t forget to follow him.

[UPDATE 1]: Chronic Dev Team Lead hacker @p0sixninja has confirmed that there are in total 7 exploits – 5 of them will help in overcome Technical hurdles and remaining two will bypass legal troubles.

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