Looking for an application that communicates with a seedbox and download torrents on your iOS device? iTransmission 2 is a decent, free and an open-source BitTorrent client for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that lets you download a torrent right on your device with an ease. This powerful BitTorrent app can be installed on any iOS jailbroken device and once you’ve installed iTransmission, the app will take you to the main screen showing all active and paused torrents detailing upload & download speeds in addition to the state of your connection.

Under the preference pane of the iTransmission 2 settings, you’ll find a web interface from where you can set whether or not you’d like to use your WiFi network, cellular network, or both. Enabling cellular network may generate significant data charges. We, therefore, recommend you not to enable the cellular network. You can even set your port number and authentication details. Enabling logging, is not required, since it will shorten both Nand and battery life of your iOS device.

iTransmission 2 bitorrent

You can also control downloading speed, uploading speed of a torrent. By default, developer has set default limits for downloading torrents using iTransmission 2 app. Maximum peers per torrent is set to 60,  Global Peer limit as 200, download limit 100 kbps and upload limit has been set to 50kbps. However, you can change these limits at your own convenience. Depending on your WiFi or 3G connection and torrent you’re trying to download, it may take up to a minute for the download to actually start. Other options – Auto Start, Enable Blacklist, PEX, DHT, uTP are available which can be disabled or enabled as and when required.

iTransmission 2 bitorrent settings

One of the downsides to using iTransmission 2 BitTorrent app or downloading torrents to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is that they eat up battery life, as they download content from the Internet. Wi-Fi is the recommended network to use with iTransmission 2.  Be careful about downloading application, too, in order to avoid malware.  Most importantly, download only legitimate and legal torrents.

iTransmission 2 iPhone app has earned a lot of positive comments because of the wonderful functionality and convenience that it brings. In order to install it, download iTransmission 2 tweak from Cydia store (ModMyi repo), and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – as long as its jailbroken. If you haven’t jailbroken yet, here is how to jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. After installing, you can launch iTransmission 2 to configure options.

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  • Itransmission Is SHIT


  • airnaji

    This thing keeps crashing !! It sucks !!

  • Sloneryder

    After using IT2 for about a week.. It downloads torrents way faster then IT1, my laptop, and my PC..It has now become my #1 BitTorrent client..It is missing a few features and has a few bugs…but I’m hoping with future updates those bugs with get squashed.

    Here’s how I use it:

    I use iTransmission 2to download my files and once they’re completed I use iFile to move them to my CineXplayer/MusicPlayer/etc

    If you want iTransmission 2 to download files in backround try the tweak called “backrounder” and you’ll be able to multitask without pausing your downloads.

    • Ww

      Where do you download the .torrent files for movies? On my computer I use TPB, but since it has only magnet link does not work with IT2.. Thanks