Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch isn’t as hard as you may think. And the payoff is worth it. Jailbreaking your iOS device doesn’t necessarily mean installing Super-Crazy applications on it. It can be a modest affair that nets you some simple, helpful tweaks and new features for enhancing your iOS experience.

Jailbreaking, if you’re not familiar with the term, is the process of elevating privileges on your iOS device in order to gain access to system files and install third party applications that the device is by default set up to forbid. You can customize your homescreen, application switcher; add cool effects and what not.

There are number of everyday reasons to jailbreak your Apple iPhone, and thanks to many savvy developers, who works hard everyday to convert their ideas into working applications. There are some pretty huge benefits, and that’s what we’ll talk about today.

Many of us search in Google for “Top Cydia Tweaks“, “Best cydia Apps“, “Top iPhone jailbreak apps“, or Popular Siri Tweaks and most of the results are not worth to check. Here is the list of hundred (Yes 100!) cydia apps and tweaks for iOS device owners considering a Jailbreak, and tips for those who already have. Guys over JailbreakMatrix have collated a list of some of the finest tweaks in a quick run-down video which answers to a question often asked by Apple users – Why should I jailbreak my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

The list contains popular apps such as Zephyr, Infinite Tweak, Sara, IntelliScreenX, iSHSHit, Animate BootLogo, SiriLaunch, AnyVoice, 3G Unrestrictor, QuickSiri, CamFast, et cetera. Surprisingly, the list doesn’t includes popular applications such as Spire, RingerX VIP, Deck, Imperium, Aloud, and CallBar. Majority of the applications and tweaks are available under either ModMyi or BigBoss repository. Before you decide to install apps, here’s how to jailbreak your iOS Device.

All Apps supports jailbroken iOS 5.0 (or iOS 5.0.1) on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, first generation original iPad including iPad 2.

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  • Arctic Prince

    So, where is the list?  Maybe you meant here is a video.  A list has cut and paste capability, so you could actually find the app, a video means you have to start it, stop it, find a pencil and paper, then start it and stop it over and over and over…….

    • http://cydiablog.com/ Mike Webb

      Below the video you will find the links :)

  • Stealer

    Oh come on.. Leave a credit where it’s due. This Is the 100 reasons to jailbreak and it ain’t worthwhile reading this stolen piece.

    • http://cydiablog.com Mike Webb

      Cydiablog Always gives credit to the original Content…Wear your Glasses, if you’re unable to find the credit..

  • Totalflexicare

    bull shit this has not been created by Cydiablog its been taken from @ij0rd8n and @JailbreakMatrix credit where credit is due and CydiaBlog deserves no credit at all you free loader

    • http://cydiablog.com Mike Webb

      It seems you have a habit of locating credit source at the footer!! We place them in between the content..Hope you’ll see this time..

  • Mcgeekyle

    While it’s a well produced video, iThe text moves to fast to read without starting and stopping it 400 times. Please consider making the video longer and slowing the text changes down. ;)