Most of us are eagerly waiting for an official iPad version of Microsoft Office but no one except Microsoft knows when it will be released on Appstore. Most recently, Matt Hickey of The Daily posted a tantalizing tease showing an iPad 2 running MS Office. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on iPad now? Yes with ‘OnLive Desktop’ you can virtually use Windows 7 on iPad.

The company OnLive recently launched ‘OnLive Desktop’ app bringing a Windows 7 desktop, complete with Microsoft Office 2010 to iPad. It gives iPad users access to the real version of MS Office along with the ability to run full featured Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer.

windows 7 on iPad Onlive desktop

As soon as you launch the app, Windows 7 UI is exhibited on your iPad screen. You can then open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, and pretty much anything else that runs on Windows. The speed is so fast that you won’t let you think that you are accessing the data via cloud. Interestingly, ‘OnLive Desktop’ doesn’t check the Windows 7 license status. When you try checking the Office 2010 product key, it states that the software is licensed to “OnLive Desktop User” and “OnLive Desktop Service.”

word doc on iPad

Word document on iPad

Excel on iPad using OnLive Desktop

Excel on iPad

So if you’ve want to run Flash content (on Internet Explorer) and MS Office on your iPad in cloud, ‘OnLive Desktop’ is probably the app for you. Follow the instructions below on how to use it and give the free iOS app a whirl.

How to Run Windows with Flash on your iPad, in the cloud

Step 1: Download the OnLive Desktop App FREE in the iTunes App Store

Step 2: Create a free OnLive account, and you’re good to go.

The OnLive Desktop app is free, along with OnLive Desktop Standard service, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and 2 GB of secured cloud storage. For commercial or pro plans, which will provide more storage, ultra-fast speed, Dropbox integration and more, check out here.

Since it is free, give it a try and let us know your opinion about OnLive Desktop App that allows you to run ‘Real’ Windows 7 and office applications and lets you play flash games via IE on Apple iPad.

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