Hours after ‘The New iPad’ was publicly launched, hacker Musclenerd and i0n1c jailbroken their new A5X device successfully using different exploits. Interestingly, iOS developer chpwn, who is often known for developing jailbreak tweaks and applications, has achieved the same independently. @chpwn confirmed that along with @phoenixdev he has jailbroken ‘The New iPad’ running on the latest build of mobile operating system – iOS 5.1.


Chpwn (Grant Paul) shared the news to the public by posting the pictures of jailbroken iPad running Cydia on it. For the betterment of jailbreaking community, who do you think will sacrifice or save his exploit for future jailbreaks? iPhone Dev Team, chpwn or i0n1c?

And if you’ve been following the jailbreaking scene, you must save SHSH blobs from your iOS device as an untethered iOS 5.1 iPad 3 jailbreak should be just around the corner. TinyUmbrella has already been updated to version 5.10.08 to work with the new iPad 3.

iPad 3 Untethered Jailbreak by Comex

We will keep you guys informed when more information on the untethered iPad 3 Jailbreak on iOS 5.1  is available. If you have any query or opinion to share, sound off via comment section below.

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  • Stavanbhakta

    Plz release as soon as possible…

  • guest

    do you have an eta for the release of the jailbreak?

    • Larry

      They said they will keep you informed

      • Osama_bin_laidout

        they also mentioned to sound off if you have a query, which he did. valid query imo.