It’s been a busy day in the realm of iPad 3 – ‘The New iPad’ launched today as well as jailbroken within hours by iPhone Dev Team. Just after Musclenerd posted teaser images of jailbroken iPad 3, hacker Stefan Esser has produced a short demo video showing off ‘his’ untethered jailbreak performed on ‘The New iPad’ with iOS 5.1.

Both the hackers are using different exploits to circumvent the restrictions Apple has put in their device and its mobile operating system. It is however, highly unlikely, that both the exploits will be made public. For the betterment of jailbreaking community, either iPhone Dev Team or i0n1c will save the exploit that can be used later.

That who is unaware, ‘Jailbreak’ means users could install third-party applications from places outside of Apple’s own App store. And ‘Untethered’ means your jailbroken iPad 3 will easily reboot without needing to tether it to a computer.

And if you’ve been following the jailbreaking community, you must save SHSH blobs from your iOS device as an untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak should be just around the corner. TinyUmbrella has already been updated to work with the new iPad 3.

[Update 1]: Hacker Chpwn Jailbreaks A5X ‘The New iPad’ (iPad 3,3) Untethered – Now 3 Separate Exploits Available!

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