iPhone tethering app iTether, which momentarily appeared in Apple Store back in November last year has just been re-launched as ‘Tether’. Many of us expected tether to land on Cydia Store after being rejected by Apple Store, but Tether app for iPhone has been re-designed on HTML5  in such a way that it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. Tether app is available as an independent downloaded for both Windows and Mac.

That who is unaware, Tether is an iPhone application which bypasses the operating system’s (and carrier’s) tethering and hotspot provisioning and lets you create a WiFi internet connection which can then be shared on Laptop (uses your iPhone carrier data plan) without any need of costly WiFi hotspots, extra data plans or costly Air Cards.

Tether app HTML5

Some carriers allow you to share your iPhone’s 3G data connection with your Mac or PC after paying extra cost. For example, AT&T and Verizon charge $20 per month for their standard tethering plans, and Sprint charges $30 per month. Tether is here to take away some of those pains and they have been working hard to ensure all is working well with their application. Tether’s iPhone version offers the same functionality for a recurring $30 per year (pay $15 per year if you sign up in the next week). By comparison, $30 annual is not as steep as some monthly tethering services.

Setting it up was easy. In order to turn your iOS device into a portable modem, run Tether app on your iPhone or iPad and on your computer, establish a connection and you’re good to go. There is no need to do any sort of manual configurations or change settings. Here is how dead simple setting-up Tether was for me.

How to Setup Tether for tethering iPhone Data Connection

Step 1: Download Tether iPhone App (TetherWeb.dmg for Mac OS X, TetherWeb.exe for Windows).

Step 2: Install it on your Computer. The app will install necessary network adaptor and required configurations. You will be prompted when the Tether Setup is completed.

Step 3: Run Tether on your computer. Enter a name for the SSID of the ad-hoc network that will be created. You may enter a password for the network or leave it blank for an open network. Disconnect your PC from its hard-wired connection.

Step 4: Navigate to Settings icon and then click Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad device. Select the tether.com:SSIDNAME network and enter the WEP key if you created the network with one.

Step 5: Visit http://tether.com/web from the safari browser on your iPhone or 3G iPad. Login and follow the on-screen instructions to establish a connection between your iOS device and your Mac (or Windows). Tether.com keeps data safely encrypted, and operates wirelessly.

Step 6: Once the Server Status and the Computer Status show that they are connected your Mac/PC should now be online, connected and ready to roll.

Simple as that, no more fussing with DUN’s, no messing around with connection settings or anything else. Before you dive in though, be sure to check out Tether Video demo to see how the application actually works.

The carrier’s TOS doesn’t allow you to tether your device unofficially and in order to avoid stiff penalty, I do not recommend using Tether iPhone app for high bandwidth movie or video streams. Use it only for surfing Web sites, checking your e-mail, facebook and activities which doesn’t required high data transfer.

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