Instead of waiting for free ultrasn0w unlock for your iPhone 4S, it is recommended that you buy R-SIM (SIM interposer) to unlock iPhone 4S basebands on iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1. Just like TPSIM unlock, R-SIM is another Turbo SIM Card that unlocks the device and allow you to use it on any compatible GSM network around the world. R-Sim card is NOT compatible with 3G network at this time. GPRS works flawlessly, however.

R-SIM iPhone 4S Unlock

With R-SIM (Rebel SIM), there is no need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S device or change the normal SIM card. No need to cut the SIM card. Just insert the SIM card and insert the R-SIM in your iPhone (As shown in video demo). Then select your country and carrier. With R-SIM purchase, you’ll get modified steel custom SIM tray so that you DO NOT need to cut your SIM second time. The supplier has posted a video detailing step to unlock iPhone 4s with rebel SIM card. It is worth noting that this piggyback doohickey doesn’t require dialing 112 (after the first time initialization).

How to use R-SIM to Unlock iPhone 4S

There are two ways to unlock baseband of your device – One is Manual mode (Enter 112 mode) and other being *Auto mode. We have listed both the modes in detail, so that you can try either of them, if one of them fails to unlock your device.

(Enter 112 Mode) Manual Mode

Step 1: Power on your iPhone 4S and place the R-Sim SIM tray together with the R-Sim interposer and unofficial SIM into your phone.

Step 2: Wait till the phone symbol turned from light green to green

Step 3: Enter the phone setting menu to check the STK applications menu like below (Settings => Phone => SIM Applications.)

Step 4: Click “Country & Operators” option and then select your carrier operator. The card will show the operator as AT&T by default. If your service provider is AT&T, then you choose MODE 1 AT&T. Your phone service provider will appear on the top of the screen. (See picture below).

Step 5: Click the return (the left arrow on top) back to the previous screen (SIM Applications)

Step 6: Click the first one “ENTER 112 Mode” and back to the main menu.

Step 7: Wait for the Message Window to prompt then click “Accept”. Wait for 3-5 seconds then dial 112. After connected, do not hang up. Slowly take out the SIM card, and then push the SIM card back to the iPhone again. Wait for the iPhone to hang-up itself or hang-up after you see the “no service” on top left screen.

Step 8: Wait for the searching your phone service provider. If the top left shows the message “No Service”, keep waiting until the phone service provider’s name shows up. Then the manual setup is completed. You can use your iPhone now. (If you turn off your iPhone or your battery drains out completely, you would need to repeat all the steps again).

*Auto mode

Step 1: Follow (Step 1 to Step 3), as listed above

Step 2: Select the operator then choose “*Auto Mode”. Turn off your iPhone 4S.

Step 3: Turn on iPhone and wait for the Unlock iPhone Message Window prompt. Then click “ACCEPT”, then wait 5 seconds (you can count to 5), Dial 112.   When calling 112, pull out the SIM card. Click “Yes” when messages pop up, then put SIM card in, and then end this call.

Step 4: Then just wait about 1 minute, iPhone unlocks succeed!!!

[Video Manual]: How to Unlock iPhone 4S baseband with R-SIM Card

Important points:

  1. This doesn’t work to unlock iPhone 4 on any baseband. Only iPhone 4S is supported.
  2. In case your iPhone 4S doesn’t locate your carrier service provider after searching, you can dial any phone number (for instance, call your friend), after connected, wait until it hangs up itself.
  3. If your carrier provider is not listed under “Country&operators”, you can enter “MCC MNC” under “Edit Mode” to unlock your iPhone. The Phone Service Providers’ Codes can be obtained through R-SIM supplier via email.
  4. The AT&T iPhone 4S requires jailbreaking. If AT&T SIM is inserted it disables APN setting, so you have to jailbreak it and install the “tetherme” then it will backup the APN setting in “Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network”.

R-SIM (Rebel SIM) iPhone 4S Unlock Supports:

As advertised, this Turbo SIM Card works well with 3G, EDGE and supports MMS, FaceTime as well. It supports all Network SIM Cards 2G, 3G, WCDMA and claims to unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1 firmware. It unlocks ALL worldwide networks (including USA AT&T). The best part of this hardware unlock is that it doesn’t void your warranty since it doesn’t require any sort of hardware alteration or modification.

iPhone 4S Supported Basebands with R-SIM

  • 1.0.11 iOS 5.0      (Build 9A334)
  • 1.0.13 iOS 5.0.1   (Build 9A405)
  • 1.0.14 iOS 5.0.1   (Build 9A406)

How to Purchase R-SIM Unlock

R-SIM iPhone 4S Unlock developed by REBEL Alpha X-SIM is available at EachSupplier or qyg-online for $ 57.99. Shipping is free, and the site says you can obtain within two weeks. The retail packaging of R-SIM is black apple (as shown in image above) not the green one, as shown in the video.

We haven’t pre-ordered or tested R-SIM yet and we cannot guarantee that it will unlock your iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 on baseband 1.0.14, 1.0.13, 1.0.11. However, Eachsupplier site has tested it successfully (video proof). We would still advice iPhone unlockers to wait for few positive reviews to come-in, before purchasing Rebel Turbo SIM unlock.

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  • Loreto Corpuz

    any news about unlock baseband 4.11.08?

  • Zoran Zoki Vučurović

    it all works but imessage and facetime dosnt work with version 2 of r-sim

  • Altugozturk

    I bought this for 60 dollars but it doesnt work, my phone keeps going into the activation and the solution they suggest doesnt work!! so DONT buy! I tried to contact them and they dont answer!! Very bad company!! 


    very good product but very bad seller…he put down the price 25 euro in 2 days…thats not ok…

  • Jscoded

    NO 112, why should he dial in video 112?


  • jack

    i’d be careful with this. the last rebel sim cards to unlock the iphone 4 was refurbished gevey sims from china :) )

  • Rob

    Does this unlock the GSM side of Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4S?

    • Nuwan

      Use R-Sim III, i does work on my iphone 4s iso 5.1 was lock to Sprint. good luck.

  • dover

    No 3G? Haha, fuck off.

  • Sergio

    I live in Peru, i have Verizon Iphone 4s with CDMA Network, but this device have GSM option. This unlock sim can operate in it? Thanks