Until now, we’ve heard quite a few rumors about the iPhone 5, and we’ll certainly hear more until the smartphone gets to be officially announced.  The latest piece of info regarding the new iPhone 5 comes from Commercial Times: According to Daiwa Securities, the fifth generation iPhone should be released in US on June 2012 at WWDC in a corporate event staged by Apple.

In addition, Daiwa Securities claims that the iPhone 5 will utilize “glass to glass” (G/G) touch panel technology which will benefit suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek.

iPhone 5 wwdc The official dates for the 2012 conference have not yet been announced, but the Moscone’s event calendar suggests that iPhone 5 could be released between 11th June and 15th June. A complete week has been blocked for a “Corporate Event” which typically acts as a placeholder for WWDC.

If history of is any indication, iPhone 5 could be released on 15th June 2012. June 15th falls on a Friday and Apple prefers to launch its new iPhone models on Thursdays or Fridays. I bet June 15th as the most ideal date for a iPhone 5 debut. What about you?

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  • Moonkill

    Very interesting, hope the design for the phone better be outstanding.